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Self Development is the leading resource for self-development articles and products for improving all aspects of your life.
Home Remedies
Free online guide helping people recover from common ailments.
Dr. Sergey - Holistic Doctor
Doctor Kalitenko completed his medical residency in Brooklyn, NY, and was Board Certified in Internal Medicine and became a staff physician at a a teaching hospital to care for critically ill patients to save their lives.
Pain Relief
The Egoscue method is a unique and very effective program designed to provide pain relief and treat musculoskeletal pain without drugs, surgery, or manipulation.
Alternative Medicine
Dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health
Nootropic Supplement Reviews
A review of nootropic supplements and drugs with ratings and advice on racetams, ampakines and herbal products
Online Kratom - 100% Natural
Online retailer of 100% natural Kratom tea, powder, crushed leaf & extract. A large selection of mitragyna speciosa including maeng da, borneo, bali, malay and more. All credit cards accepted with same day shipping.
Choose Natural Health Care
Choose Natural is a website providing information on a wide variety of health issues, including headaches and migraines, one of the most common and pervasive health problems people face.
Reiki Roland Berard
Reiki master graduated from the prestigious Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH). Energy therapy, DNA activation, EFT method, Quantum Touch and Hakomi workshops. Individual treatments and Reiki courses.
Philadelphia Acupuncture
An acupuncturist practicing in Philadelphia's Center City and Mount Airy neighborhoods offers education and insights into acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and Oriental herbs.
Corporate Chair Massage
Corporate chair massage Nationwide, chair massage for special evenst.
Adermark Online Pendulums and Dowsing Rods provides products for inner growth, health and wellness. Supplier of dowsing pendulums, dowsing rods, EMF Protection products, and more. Visit
Natural Cures For Yeast Infections
Resource for yeast infection sufferers you are looking for alternative tretaments for their Candida overgrowth.

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Alternative Medicine