Cellular Technology, Ltd

Provides ELISPOT analyzers, software, lab services and contract research for immunology labs

ACLS Certification Onlinie

ACLS certification and ACLS recertification online. Free acls prep materials. Instant certificate.

Fisheries Technology Associates

We are fisheries, fish farming, and aquaculture consultants.


Carbenicillin direct is a global supplier of Carbenicillin disodium salt, they suppy many of the worlds premier Universities

Reptile Knowledge

An educational website with information on all types of reptiles, their behavior, classification and more. Informative articles on snakes, lizards, turtles, crocodiles, etc.

Biological Weapon Detection & Black Mold Test Kit

Black mold detection and biological weapons recognition with reliable hand held assays. Anthrax, botulism, ricin and other biological warfare environmental tests.


Biochemical Direct supplies a niche range of biochemicals used in scientific research in Universities. Including x-gluc, carbenicillin, zeatin and cefotaxime.

DNA Testing Services in Ireland by homeDNAdirect

HomeDNAdirect is a specialised provider of accurate, reliable and confidential DNA paternity testing services. All DNA tests are performed by an internationally accredited laboratory for your peace of mind.


GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology and GRE Subject Biology Resource Center

Rainforest Facts

Interesting facts about rainforests, their plants and animals as well as information about rainforest destruction and how we could and why we should save the forests.

TOKU-E – The Evolution of Biopurity

TOKU-E is a supplier of high-purity antibiotics for both pharmaceuticals as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and for biotechnology applications as selective antimicrobial reagents.

Science Experiments, Materials Science Research

Mahendra Trivedi has improved crop production and has done various researches in materials, genetics, cancer and microbiology through the Trivedi Effect.

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